These pencil and watercolour drawings of posts and cyclone wire grapple with history of seemingly mundane objects that we use to divide ourselves from one another. Finding exquisite beauty in a meditation on flaking paint or rusting wire, these works are about time, the process of deterioration and, conversely, the life in things. I exhibited these works in 'Lightness and Weight' with Felicita Sala, Kurb Gallery, Northbridge, WA and 'Fence Posts and Chicken Wire' (solo), Little Creatures, Fremantle, WA in 2006 and 2007. The works were also the inspiration for a six week residency at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA) in 2009. These works are available as limited edition prints. Contact me for pricing and details. 

All images copyright Emma Hewitt (2007 & 2008).